Guided Meditation & Writing Series

Hi and welcome to my Daily Guided Meditation & Writing series!  I'm so glad you're here with me!  I decided to do this series because I wanted to find a way to help the people in my workshops write every day.  When writers are participating in my workshops they love to write.  It's easy.  We all write together, and we read our writing to each other.  We get instant positive feedback, and this makes everyone want to write more!


Yet writers have told me that, once they return to their daily lives, they have difficulty continuing.

I experienced the same thing in my own writing.  I knew how important it was to write daily, yet I had great difficulty getting myself to do it.  Finally, about 10 years ago, I woke up one morning profoundly sad.  I hadn't been writing for about a month and, instead of being angry with myself I was sad.  It felt terrible!  I decided, in that moment, that I had to write every day; there simply could be no other choice for me.  And that is when I began my 1,000-word-a-day fiction-writing practice.  This has served me well. 

Then, in 2018, a workshop member recommended an online daily guided meditation and writing course.  It was offered by Nadia Colburn, and it was called Write From Your Center.  I signed up for this, and began to meditate and write daily, letting Nadia guide me.  I added this practice to my already-existing fiction-writing practice.  I noticed a greater presence in my writing.  It was easier for me to let go and write freely.  My production of poems increased.  My fiction-writing was more productive.


Because of these benefits I was inspired to create a writing series of my own, using writing prompts from my past 10 years of teaching.  I am interested in helping people connect with their bodies and their senses in writing, as a way to use and heal their imaginations. With this in mind, I have created a series of recordings, made of 5-minute guided meditations and 10-minute writing periods.  These guided meditations usually consist of breathing techniques to help writers connect more deeply with their bodies.  And the writing periods begin with prompts that will go well with these breathing techniques, and will enhance writers' connections with their bodies, memories, intuitive centers.  I have a great variety of prompts to choose from--10 years' worth--and my goal is to connect the right prompt with the right meditation.  

I have placed 4 Guided Meditation & Writing recordings on this page for you to use for free.  If you follow this daily writing practice, it will deepen the results you get from participating in my workshops.  You will notice greater mindfulness, and therefore peace, and you will be able to write more freely and openly, and without fear.  I am sure you will be very surprised at the writing you will produce!


If you currently participate in one of my writing workshops, these exercises will help deepen your experience.  If you are writing on your own, this will benefit you too! 


And I am sure that, once you have experienced the results from this practice, you will want to sign up for my Full-Month series (coming in November '19).

Until then--I wish you joy in your daily writing!

Day 1  

 Guided Meditation & Writing

Day 2

 Guided Meditation & Writing

Day 3

Guided Meditation & Writing

Day 4

 Guided Meditation & Writing

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