Today's Inspiration & Writing Prompt


Such a deep bowl we're in.

It's curve round as a blue moon

or the endless O of a silver ring.

We spin like pennies, glass tears

on our skin throwing shards of light

everywhere. We crash into each other,

sink with a copper clink.

Or maybe we are brown bricks crumbling,

telephone lines crackling with intention,

cardinals setting fire to sumac

or windows slamming shut, panes intact.

Maybe we are fiddlehead ferns unraveling

or Santa Ana winds smoking the late sky red.

Maybe we are longing and delight, both.

Maybe we can tip this bowl over,

spill ourselves into another possibility.

~Heather Davis


Here is an exercise that can help in piling up meaning behind the word like water behind a dam, in creating writing that is soaked in life force...Think of five words that mean a great deal to you, that generate memories and feelings of all you hold important, [words] that feel luminous to you...Write five poems, each of which uses all five of the words. You can use as many other words as you want, nevertheless each poem must contain all five of the words you have chosen. When you are done, read the poems in sequence. Notice how they change...You began to feel your way through the writing rather than thinking about it mentally. ("Ensouling Language", Stephen Harrod Buhner)

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