Today's Writing Quote & Prompt

Some people who are terrified of grandiosity spend their vital

energy defending themselves from the godlike furnace that is

cooking inside them....

Robert Bly

The key to the kind of writing I'm talking about in this book is feeling, not thinking...It is not a matter of technique but of essence, of feeling. "You must understand," as Milton Ericsson once said when training others to generate deep trance states, "this is a communication, not a technique." To write what is true, you must abandon the statistical mentality as a point of beginning. You must begin with something deeper in the self. You must begin with the part of you that feels. And that abandonment of the statistical mentality, that reliance on feeling, in and of itself, will bring you into conflict with the culture in which you live. For here is a truth that all writers eventually encounter: You must not extend awareness further than society wants it to go....

If you wish to be more than a typist of words, you have no choice, you must extend awareness further than society wants it to go. You must travel in the mythic and living landscapes that lie outside of and beyond...You must enter the dark waters. At minimum that means understanding that the primary thing a writer works with is not words but meanings; the most important things with which a writer works are invisible to the eye. They cannot be seen, they can only be felt. And so you must feel. Keenly.

Stephen Harrod Buhner, Ensouling Language

WRITING PROMPT: Close your eyes for a minute and scan your body. Do you have aches and pains anywhere? Do you feel energized? Are you hunching your shoulders or are you sitting up straight? After a minute or so, focus your awareness on your emotions. What is the emotion you feel most strongly right now? Are there other emotions present?

Open your eyes and begin to write "from" that emotional place. See where it takes you.

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