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Write with Color: Rediscover your Childhood Genius by Julie Mariouw 

Published in The Brick Magazine - Ann Arbor - May 2020

"Making Friends with Your Subconscious

in Creative Writing"

Courtesy of Crazy Wisdom Community Journal.  This essay was first published in Issue 68, Winter 2018.  Copyright @ Crazy Wisdom, Inc., 2018.

"Practice Writing for Better Health- published in Ann Arbor Natural Awakenings Magazine - December 2017 


"The Extraordinary Power of Writing"

Published in the Crazy Wisdom Journal Online Blog.  Feb 6, 2017


cover of Huron River Review - containing Julie Mariouw's poetry


Published in 

The Huron River Review.

2011, Issue 10

 cover of Verdad magazine - containing Julie Mariouw's poetry
cover of Huron River Review - Julie Mariouw's poetry


Published in

The Huron River Review.

2012, Issue 11

"We look at the world once, in childhood.  The rest is memory."

                         Louise Gluck

"Dust Like Stars" 

Published in

Verdad Magazine

Literature and Art.  

Spring 2012, Volume 12

2016 by Julie Mariouw