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Current Editing Project:

Poetry & Articles - Christy Klum

Memoir - Mona Moorman

Past Editing Projects:

Full-length Manuscript - Erin Hedinger

The Girl on the Yellow Surfboard

by Sue Quackenbush

The Bus Orphan

by Rohn Federbush

The Haunted Love Nest  

by Rohn Federbush

Three Came Home From The Woods 

 by Rohn Federbush

"Trust Julie Mariouw to honor your uniqueness.  Writers are encouraged, first, to summon ideas to the page without using the editorial side of the brain.  With prompts to spur the flow, editing is put off until the deed is done.  Even then, the creative side of the brain forgets that readers need to follow leaps of imagination.  In a newly-minted scene, the writer sees the characters clearly march across the stage, but an editor like Julie can point out when two walls of the room have collapsed, or when the final step is missing.  


Without chiding for lack of grammatical knowledge, Julie carefully line edits to correct comma use, inserts the word you meant to use, or points out a fault of logic.  Knowing there is a sounder guide to survey my work in progress, I feel I've been granted wings to finish my paranormal romance---her next editorial assignment."          


                                Rohn Federbush, author


Rates for Editing services:

  • Standard Rate $80/hr

  • Former Students $70/hr

For More Info/To Hire Julie as an Editor: 


Please leave your name, email address, and a message in the box.  I will get back with you shortly!

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Julie graduated from elementary and high school at University Liggett, in Grosse Pte, MI, where she studied Latin, English, and Spanish.

Julie graduated from the Middlebury College Language Program, where she studied French.

Julie graduated from the University of Michigan, with a BA in English.

Julie has taught ACT & SAT preparation, grammar, & writing skills at Sylvan Learning Center, in Ann Arbor, MI, and in the Ann Arbor Public Schools

Julie is a member of the

Editorial Freelancers Association.

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