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Individual Work with Writers

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Individual Work


"I have been leading writing workshops since 2009 and, as I have gained experience in my workshops, I have also refined my skills. I have seen what works and what doesn’t work, and I can be flexible in my approach.


I bring this same experience and skill to my work with individual writers.  And since I am not responsible for a group, I can tailor lesson plans specifically to the individual writer.  The writer and I become close partners in the pursuit of healing and the advancement of writing skills. 


The improvement and healing that occur in an individual session are more concentrated and focused than in a group workshop.  And, while the power of the group is absent in one-to-one work, the power of the writer’s and my partnership is strong. 


We write together, using a lesson plan I have created just for the writer, and then we read our work out loud, commenting in the same way that we do in my 8-week workshops. But, since it is just the two of us, I can comment more personally on what I see and hear in the writer’s work. And the writer, in turn, can ask questions and make comments.


I can also create writing prompts for the writer to use between our individual sessions. I design these to focus on the goals of the writer, and, in this way the writer builds skill, creating even more fertile ground for healing.


If you would like to experience my workshops, but can’t attend an 8-week workshop, please consider partnering with me to work individually.  I think you will find it a healing and enlightening experience!"

----Julie Mariouw

Julie Mariouw is a trained Amherst Writers & Artists workshop facilitator, and an AWA affiliate. She has a BA in English from the University of Michigan, studied Teaching at Eastern Michigan University, and attended the Middlebury College Language Program. She has taught in the Ann Arbor Public Schools, Sylvan Learning Center, Maxey Boys Training School, and ran a Journal Workshop for 7 years.

Julie's writing has been published in "Verdad--A Journal of Literature & the Arts", "The Huron River Review", "The Crazy Wisdom Journal", "Ann Arbor Natural Awakenings" Magazine, "Recovering the Self: A Journal of Healing & Hope" and "The Brick" Magazine.

Standard Rate:

       $80 hr

Former Student:

          $70 hr

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