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"I thoroughly enjoyed the Hero's Journey workshop.  Julie has a special ability and passion as a leader.   It was a truly transformative experience for me."  

                                               Lisa L., Spring '23, "Hero's Journey"

“'Transforming Trauma Through The Body' w/Julie Mariouw was an incredible experience! As a writer healing from PTSD my work has been impacted. I’ve stared down many a blank page, and at times lacked the motivation to write. This course showed me my writing was trapped inside my body without an outlet. Each activity freed me up more until my writing began to flow again. My body responded by opening up to the process; with more flexibility, range of motion & an unlocking of my hips. It’s been simply amazing! Thanks Julie for the opportunity to connect some dots, while clearing my writing path!"

                                        Michelle Thomas, Dec 2022 "Transforming Trauma"

"I was initially reluctant to join because I was unsure if I’d be too nervous to participate in a meaningful way. I immediately felt at ease by Julie’s presence and fellowship. She creates a safe container by embodying the AWA method, along with providing consistent structure and easy to follow prompts. I also found it especially helpful alongside my personal therapy sessions. I look forward to joining her future workshops."


                                                     Natalie Bellott--Spring ’22 Writing Workshop

"Start where you are. Do not try to push into it. It is miraculous. The writing knows where to go. However, if you do not have a guide who can create the hallowed space for this to happen, then you are just putting words on paper.


If you choose to work with Julie, prepare for miracles to be unleashed, because she has the gift of creating the atmosphere for this to unfold."

                                                    Judy Gilbert--Spring '22 Writing Workshop

"Julie's workshops have been a mainstay of my writing life and community for almost two years. We met only once, for the first session of my first workshop with her, and then the pandemic took over. Since then, the Zoom workshops have been kind of even better--everyone has a front row seat, I can wear pajamas, and cats make an occasional appearance.

Julie creates an environment that allows a depth of discovery in our writing, memories, and imaginations that fosters surprisingly fantastic pieces, personal healing, and group connection. If you choose to take one, odds are high you'll see me there, because I'm hooked. And very appreciative of Julie's leadership, vulnerability, and heroism, which paves the way for mine."


                                                        Amy Probst--Fall '21 Writing Workshops

"Julie used provocative prompts involving music, movement, and pairing opposite words. It led to some great writing!" 

Participant--AWA Fundraiser led by Julie Mariouw: "Write Around the World"


"I liked the facilitator's theme and unique style." 

Participant--AWA Fundraiser led by Julie Mariouw: "Write Around the World" 

"I valued the clustering approach. I liked the use of the song, and liked the song choice." 

  Participant--AWA Fundraiser led by Julie Mariouw: "Write Around the World" 

"Julie is a gifted guide and mentor, creating a safe space for all workshop participants to find their truth and writing voice, while collectively celebrating each others' expressive beauty. Thank you for your hard work on our behalf, Julie!

                                       Nicole Lemieux--Summer 2020 Online Workshop

"I was often in tears, touched, moved, healed, catapulted from a mundane Thursday into the riches of others' lives.  I got what I came for, found joy in my own life."

                                         Marta Dabis--Winter 2020 Wellspring Workshop

"This class reinvigorated my love of writing.  I am excited to see where my imagination will take me."

                                 Penelope Paulus--Winter 2020 Wellspring Workshop

"I deeply appreciate how Julie shares her own writing journey--her experience of writing as a form of healing.  I didn't know what to expect (this was my first workshop).  And I really appreciated all the prompts and variety of tools she brings."

                                        Melissa Peet--Winter 2020 Wellspring Workshop

"Julie's methods have unlocked my unique knowledge and stories, and helped me translate them into writing product.  Let's see what becomes of these treasures--I will keep working and building from here!"

                                                    Joanie--Winter 2020 Wellspring Workshop

"Julie is a masterful mentor and facilitator, always coming up with new ways to inspire, instruct and support others in their writing and healing journey."

                           Christina Bastanfar--Winter 2020 Wellspring Workshop

"This workshop has expanded my imagination and improved my writing.

                                        Anne Ramsey--Winter 2020 Wellspring Workshop

"Great series of writing prompts, one building on another.  Creation of a safe space where writers are respected for where they are, and encouraged to open up new avenues of self-awareness.  You rock, Julie.  'Til next time!

                                     Diane Laboda--Winter 2020 Wellspring Workshop 

"Julie's workshop took my writing to a whole new level.  Her enthusiasm, expertise and teaching style allowed for a safe environment to experiment, write and share.  I loved it all.  Thank you.

                                   Debbie Mackie--Winter 2020 Wellspring Workshop 

"There's a reason I keep coming back to Julie's workshops!  Her methods help me open up and write things I might never have tapped into otherwise, and each time the writing group is a new combination of people with a new energy, but always supportive and wonderful--a tone Julie helps set!"

                                                   Liz Fisher--Fall 2019 Wellspring Workshop

"Best writers' workshop I've experienced in ann Arbor--its structure, feeling of safety, ease to get to, lovely setting, wonderful camaraderie.  Julie is so knowledgable, experienced, and has the chops to lead a group--her own creation!"

                                            Laury Starkey--Fall 2019 Wellspring Workshop

"This was an amazing experience in allowing creativity to flow, without even knowing it.  The atmosphere was welcoming and safe, and by receiving positive feedback, it really did foster more writing, both in the workshops and at home."

                                                       Carolyn--Fall 2019 Wellspring Workshop

"Julie provides nonjudgmental encouragement while we write.  The prompts and the meditations we use before writing are really helpful, and have brought out so much.

                                             Meg Szczygiel--Fall 2019 Wellspring Workshop

"I initially said I wanted to ward off invisibility, but I feel like I awakened synapses in my brain too.  Very rewarding!"

                                             Anne Ramsey--Fall 2019 Wellspring Workshop

"It's the best part of my week.  Inspires me to write.  Love hearing what other writers have written."

                                       Kathy Friedrichs--Fall 2019 Wellspring Workshop

"Julie's method and prompts are perfect.  Her commitment to the writing process is mirrored in her own writing.  She creates an atmosphere of encouragement and trust, bringing a group of strangers into a group of writing friends.  She's a gem!

                                                            Diane--Fall 2019 Wellspring Workshop

"Great class to practice writing and learn new things!  She's a wonderful teacher!

                             Workshop Participant--Fall 2019 Wellspring Workshop

"Writing can be intimidating and fear-inducing.  Julie's workshop is a fun place to find your voice, through exercises that are enjoyable and expansive for your imagination.  I am so grateful to find my love of writing, that now triumphs [over] my fear of failure."

                                         Penelope Paulus--Fall 2019 Wellspring Workshop

"Julie creates a safe and inviting environment in which you are free to explore your creativity, or write for your personal healing.  Especially if you're interested in exploring fiction writing, I recommend giving it a try."

                                           Dawn Branham--Fall 2019 Wellspring Workshop

"This workshop has set my words free.  I'm amazed that--through Julie's writing exercises, pre-writing activities, and meditations--I've been able to write so much.  The workshop has really helped bring back my creative self.  I also enjoy hearing other workshop members' writing (we share our writing after a set number of minutes).  It's a wonderful, magical workshop.

                               Workshop Participant--Spring/Summer 2019 Workshop

"Julie conducts workshops that are inclusive, 'come-as-you-are' experiences.  She is so knowledgeable about the process because she's a practicing writer.  She researches and brings exercises that stretch imagination and creativity.  It's uncanny how each writer responds differently to a prompt or exercise.  Comments after reading are positive and un-intimidating.  It's a great experience and reinforces the need to write very day, and listen to the body--just show up and let the words flow.  Highly-recommend.

                         Diane Laboda--Spring/Summer 2019 Wellspring Workshop

"I really enjoyed the workshop.  I feel like it helped me find a direction in my writing.  Everyone was so encouraging and positive.   I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in writing."

                                       Karen--Spring/Summer 2019 Wellspring Workshop

"Julie has a gift for bringing out the words that are somehow stuck inside me.  I'm amazed at the writing that's coming out of me--I never knew I could write like this.  The workshop has also been healing, it's like meditation through writing.  

     It's hard to get myself to class after a long day but I am more energized and happy when it is done.  I'd recommend this class to anyone who feels their words are stuck inside them."

                         Workshop Participant---Spring 2019 Wellspring Workshop


"Julie's teaching comes from the heart.  She brings all kinds of methods to use, to inspire the process of writing.  And it's clear she uses them herself.  Everyone is welcome to write whatever comes to mind, to begin where they are, and to build a daily writing practice that lasts and flourishes and helps get to the words that really need to be written.

     The Amherst method allows every first draft to shine with comments of appreciation.  The take-away is positive, and each writer is encouraged to share their story."

                                                       Diane---Spring 2019 Wellspring Workshop

"Coming in as a novice writer, and very unsure of my ability, I find that I am learning with confidence and a new knowledge of how to think about writing.  Listening to everyone's writing is very helpful in learning.  Responding to what is powerful in others' writing is a very thought-provoking process.  

     Julie gives confidence, is kind.  Her writing exercises are very helpful, and [build] a creative atmosphere."

                         Workshop Participant---Spring 2019 Wellspring Workshop

"I enjoyed this Creative Writing Workshop.  The sharing and comments by fellow participants were rewarding.  I noticed my comfort level increasing and felt that my imagination developed.  We all have stories inside!  Thank you for the structure.

                                         Anne Ramsey---Spring 2019 Wellspring Workshop

"This was a very enjoyable workshop.  I have not done any creative writing since high school--which was 40 years ago!  It was okay to be a novice in a group of experienced writers.  Julie made sure everyone was comfortable with sharing their work."

                                             Mary Freer---Spring 2019 Wellspring Workshop

"It was a magnificent way to relate to others, even as we grew in our understanding of ourselves.  That creative pool gives to us as we give to it, and what an amazing, huge well of water we get to feed---with just our imagination, a pen, and some paper."

                             Workshop Participant---Fall 2018 Wellspring Workshop

"This was the second workshop I'd taken with Julie, and her approach continues to bring out new and interesting things in me and my writing.  I truly value the safe place the workshop provides, to explore and discover new things."

                                                     Liz Fisher---Fall 2018 Wellspring Workshop

"Julie is a teacher who practices what she teaches: she writes, she encourages, and she is enthusiastic about helping others reach their writing potential.  All are welcome at their own level of writing, and are encouraged to write and explore their own potential.  A group of strangers bonds, and feels free to share; a trust is formed, a cohort of accomplishment is the result.  Thanks, Julie.

                                                           Diane---Fall 2018 Wellspring Workshop

"I feel that participating in Julie's workshops has helped unlock creativity that I never knew existed in me.  She has encouraged me to continue writing each day.  I will continue to attend Julie's workshops, as she always has fresh material to share."

                                       Sue Quackenbush---Fall 2018 Wellspring Workshop

"I slowly improved week to week.  The first exercise I wrote about ten words."

                              Workshop Participant---Fall 2018 Wellspring Workshop   

"I cannot say enough good things about Wellspring Writing Workshops!  But I'll do my best to distill it.  Julie is lovely, she sets clear guidelines that ensure everyone feels safe and heard.  She puts a lot of prep work into her sessions.

     I went into the workshop looking for dedicated time to write, and a safe place to be vulnerable and build confidence.  I absolutely got that.  What I also got--and wasn't expecting--was a tangible set of tools to help my writing, ways to take my writing to another level, ways to get [past] writer's block, ways to quickly bypass my internal critic.  These tactics led me to write about things I never expected to explore.

     It has been a blast and the time flies by week after week.  I have also greatly enjoyed getting to know the other writers.  I highly recommend [this workshop] to all sorts of writers, and anyone who is going through a tough time personally, who feels that writing would help."

                                          Emily Nieman--Spring 2018 Wellspring Workshop

"Julie creates a safe learning environment in which it is comfortable to be vulnerable, to share one's writing.  She is well-versed in the Amherst Writer's method, and clearly continues her own learning to bring to the workshop.  Thank you Julie!"

                                            Lissa Perrin---Spring 2018 Wellspring Workshop

"Even though this is the second workshop in a row, I still got new material and different writing experiences.  Also, you don't have to be a seasoned writer to get something from this workshop.  It's a great way to further know yourself."

                           Workshop Participant--Spring 2018 Wellspring Workshop

"I found the writing experience to be rich and powerful, full of unexpected healing and profound insights."

                                                           L. L.--Spring 2018 Wellspring Workshop

"Julie's workshop opened my creativity so [much] in just eight weeks, it was almost unbelievable. I learned something in every session that has made my writing better.  If you are serious about being a good writer, you must take this workshop."

                                  Marvin Anderson--Winter 2018 Wellspring Workshop

"Julie's workshop helped me push past mental blocks that were keeping me from writing.  She creates a unique environment that provides safety, trust and creative inspiration, to go deeper in your writing.  The workshop truly exceeded my expectations, and I surprised myself with where I was able to go in my writing.  I truly enjoyed the experience of writing and exploring creativity with Julie and other members of our workshop."

                                                Liz Fisher--Winter 2018 Wellspring Workshop

"For a very inexperienced writer, this workshop was an extremely comfortable, supportive place to finally begin pursuing writing more seriously.  I'd recommend this workshop to anyone interested in writing, with any level of experience."

                                     Bryan Peterson--Winter 2018 Wellspring Workshop

"Julie's workshops have been life-altering for me.  Because I feel safe, I have ventured out.  I have felt my confidence grow.  I feel creatively stronger and bolder.  These workshops are not just for writers, but for anyone who wants to become unstuck and move forward."

                          Donna Childree Gotlib--Winter 2018 Wellspring Workshop

"There was so much to love about this workshop.  I learned new tools in a supportive and respectful environment.  I discovered a fearlessness in my writing that I never would have anticipated."

                                                      Angela--Winter 2018 Wellspring Workshop

"...Last year I did something different. At the encouragement of my friend I signed up for a creative writing workshop here in Ann Arbor. The workshop, led by author Julie Mariouw, used the Amherst Writer's Workshop method.  It changed my life.

     According to Julie, her workshops 'are designed to help writer's bypass their inner critics; go directly to images, feelings and memories; and enter the place where story and natural language reside.' Julie's workshops have strict rules and provide a protective and encouraging atmosphere for the writer. I felt safe to try things and safe to fail. I enjoyed participating so much that I now describe myself as a 'serial workshopper.' I attend as many of Julie's workshops as possible.

     While enjoying these workshops a great deal I was surprised to realize the impact they were having on me. I was getting stronger and didn't even realize it."

                                                          Donna Childree Gotlib

                                                          2017 Fall Wellspring Workshop 

                                                          STUMBLING WITH ENTHUSIASM  

"Your workshops are one of the best things that I've ever participated in. I always look forward to Thursday night. I appreciate that you have created such a nurturing and safe environment for writing. Looking forward to January."        

                               Workshop Participant--Fall 2017 Wellspring Workshop 

"I enjoy getting to meet every week, work on prompts/exercises, and then sharing our work.  I often get so in my head, and sometimes the stresses of the week build up until my writing feels blocked.  This workshop helps to clear all of the junk away, and I really appreciate it!"

                               Workshop Participant--Fall 2017 Wellspring Workshop 

"I loved the full-day experience.   We were in a beautiful location...The [writing] exercise pushed me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to write on a deeper level...I felt very emotionally safe during the workshop.  I knew I was sharing pieces of me with a group that would gently catch and lift my writing...The workshop was like a hug for my soul."

                        Workshop Participant--Aug 12, 2017 Wellspring Workshop 

"I loved the experience of being in this workshop.  The pace was perfect and the prompts inspiring.  I wouldn't change a thing--except, make it so I could come once a week forever!"

                         Workshop Participant--Spring 2017 Wellspring Workshop 

"This workshop was great for freeing the mind and heart, and greasing the skids--to better unblocked writing all around.

It was an incredible experience."                  

                          Workshop Participant--Spring 2017 Wellspring Workshop 

"I found happiness in writing again.  Thank you."                  

                               Workshop Participant--Jan. 2017 Wellspring Workshop 

"Thank you for this wonderful workshop you run.  It has had the most profound impact on my life.  I've always loved stories, but I struggled to write them. But in your class I feel like I've found my voice.  I'm looking forward to every class."            

                                Workshop Participant--Jan. 2017 Wellspring Workshop

"I loved this workshop!  I especially enjoyed getting comfortable with the members of the group such that I could have my writing in a loving, non-critical atmosphere...The prompts were diverse; they challenged me to write well out of my comfort zone."

                             Workshop Participant--Sept. 2016 Wellspring Workshop 

"Cohesive, supportive group.  Lovely energy and genuine responses."  

                              Workshop Participant--Sept. 2016 Wellspring Workshop                                                        

"I have enjoyed participating  in Julie's writing workshops for nearly three years now...Through my classes with Julie, the much larger world of emotional, cognitive, and spiritual benefits of writing have become apparent to me...Julie is a talented writer herself, but is also a gifted teacher.  She is an empathic, intuitive instructor who can bring out the very best efforts in students."                          

                                                                             Journal Workshop Participant

"Consistency, humor, thoughtfulness and open-mindedness were some of Julie's gifts which brought me to attend the workshop....she encourages us to write from the heart, the soul and the body.  We all write differently, and Julie accepts, discusses and encourages each of us, emphasizing that there is no right or wrong way to write for one's self."        


                                                                            Journal Workshop Participant                                  

"This workshop is a unique approach to both writing and recovery for women.  Writing brings up so much more of what is deep inside us all.  The more we write, the more we discover about ourselves and then the more we recover.  My life is changing for the better and I believe Julie's writing workshops are a major reason for my progress.  I highly recommend Julie's writing workshops."                  

                                                                             Journal Workshop Participant

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